The Global One Minutes Awards in Amsterdam

In 2012, my short video ROAR 2.0 was nominated for a global One Minutes Award. The ceremony took place on April 27 at de Balie in Amsterdam, where the 68 nominated videos were screened for 100 jury members and live streamed on de Balie’s website. 

Nederland Amsterdam 27 april 2012 The one minutes in De Balie. Foto: Jan Boeve
foto-tom-uitslag-vid-en-bahram.jpgNederland Amsterdam 27 april 2012 The one minutes in De Balie. Foto: Jan Boeve

ROAR 2.0 was screened in the category Other, along with seven other nominated works:

Time > Jingjing Guo, China
Schijf van 5 > Anne Huijnen, Netherlands
ROAR 2.0 > Alexandra Stock, Egypt
Truck > Shijie Jiang, China
Warnament > Guido Giglio, Brazil
21:9/16:9/4:3 > Fons Schiedon, Germany
Production Company Logos in 3D > Emile Zile, Australia
Doger Monyet Masa Kini > A. Septi Muharamsyah, Fathan Fitriadi, Indonesia

All videos screened in the five other categories: 

Belgium > Tim Leysen, Belgium
Bike > Jasmin Peco, Bosnia Herzegovina
Blink (Lotte) > Frans Hofmeester, Netherlands
Brick > Bas Wieringen, Netherlands
Bubble Pops > Jean-Michel Rolland, France
Dawn > Roi Alter, Netherlands
Dedication > Barry van der Rijt, Netherlands
Dramaqueens > Iselin Iversby, Netherlands
DreamDrops > effi & amir, Belgium
Dripping Away > Maximilian Heere, Germany
Face > Iselin Iversby, Netherlands
Filtered > Heleen van der Hoogt, Netherlands
Helm > Su Tomesen, Netherlands
Hidden Portraits > Miguel Clara Director and Vasconcelos, Portugal
Honiara, In this world > David Djindjikhachvili, Netherlands
Honiara, In this world II > David Djindjikhachvili, Netherlands
In a white envelope > Stanisław Białoskórsk, Poland
Inspiration > Tatiana and Olga Poliektovi, Russian federation
Knowledge is toxic > Aiwen Yin, Netherlands
Kopjes > Irene O’ Callaghan, Netherlands
Landscape #12: Winter Flowers at Joshua Tree National Park > Renee Lear, Canada
Le Petite Cavalier > Saida Boudhiaim, Youness Benseghir, Morocco 
Making it come true 1 > Cecilia Bonilla, United Kingdom
March > Viktoria Gudnadóttir, Netherlands
Me > Margreet Kramer, Netherlands
Natural animals > Jie Yang, China
Plank > Bas Wieringen, Netherlands
Portrait of the Shukhov Tower> Marina Fomenko, Russia 
Sarina > Tara Fallaux, Netherlands
Selfportret > Ato Malinda, Kenia
Shadows and light > Marianne Schoonderbeek, Netherlands
Skull (7 deadly sins) > Julia Diaguileva, Netherlands
Solanum > Judith Leysner, Netherlands
Swiss alps > Bennekers & Slegers, Netherlands
The end > Donna Verheijden, Netherlands
Threat of snow > Glenn Venghaus, Netherlands
Train 3505 > Justin Davy, South Africa
Walross > Willehard Eilers, Netherlands
Window > Yida Lu, China
You haven’t got them > Jolien van Hassel, Netherlands