Modern Miracles (Alexandria)

Modern Miracles

A solo exhibition of photography by David Degner

Greek Cultural Center
Alexandria, Egypt

May 11–June 21, 2018

In the spring of 2018, David Degner’s 2017 solo exhibition traveled from Cairo to Alexandria. The same stunning light-boxes and canvases that were shown at MASQ in the fall of 2017 are now installed in a new sequence on the top floor of the neoclassical building that houses the Greek Culture Center, an address that was chosen for its historical legacy and its sweeping interior and adjacent semi-open spaces. 

This leg of David Degner’s exhibition is made possible with the support of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture – Annex of Alexandria, the Greek Cultural Center Alexandria and its Deputy Director Dr Stavroula Spanoudi, as well as project manager George Seif and the installation team consisting of Andrew Magdi, Arsany Abed, Bishoy Anwer, Fady Lamei, and George Methat Ramis. Special thanks go each to Dr Khaled Raouf of the Greek Cultural Center Alexandria and to Sami Creta, the Program Director of the Jesuit Center in Alexandria for their incredible support and generosity.

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