Research trip to Tunis

A research grant from the Prince Claus Fund, ECF (European Cultural Foundation) and Hivos made possible a research trip to Tunis in late March 2019. (Header image: One of the art spaces, namely B7L9, was so new that Google Maps didn’t have its pin yet.)

Some of the outstanding meetings were with Wassim Ghozlani, photographer and CEO of Maison de l’Image; Petra Swais, Program and Exhibitions Manager of B7L9 Art Station, an experimental art space imagined and developed by the Kamel Lazaar Foundation; Iranian artist Negar Tahsili who was both a resident artist and exhibiting artist at B7L9; cultural practitioner Sarah Belkhamsa; founder and CEO of Culture Funding Watch Ouafa Belgacem; visual artist, project manager of BAC B’Chira Art Center and founding member of Jiser, Mohamed Ben Soltane; and Aïcha Gorgi, director of A.GORGI Contemporary Art Gallery.

On view at B7L9, the Kamel Lazaar Foundation’s new experimental art space, was its inaugural exhibition Climbing Through the Tide, curated by Başak Şenova.