Momus: The Podcast

(Via Momus) Named one of the top-ten art podcasts by The New York Times (March 2020), Momus: The Podcast promotes “criticism in conversation” on a variety of timely issues relating to contemporary art and the present moment. Momus publisher Sky Goodden, with co-producer and co-host Lauren Wetmore, bring Momus’s unique insistence on criticality into a more conversational register.

In late November 2020 Momus launched Season 4, inviting art critics and journalists to talk about an important piece of their writing – texts that carry stories, that ran in prestigious publications to great acclaim, or that were killed under tense circumstances. Every two weeks, co-hosts Sky Goodden and Lauren Wetmore ask a different writer to read their text to us, and then discuss how it came into being – its inspiration, construction, and impact.

Momus: The Podcast has featured guests including Ebony L. Haynes, Margaux Williamson, Osei Bonsu, Jarrett Earnest, Isabel Lewis, Francis McKee, Daniel Baumann, Michelle Grabner, Nora N. Khan, Jacob Wren, Tyler Green, The White Pube, Sophia Al-Maria, Sheila Heti, Léuli Eshrāghi, and Nikki Columbus, among many others.

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For this episode, Lauren Wetmore interviews Swiss American curator and writer Alexandra Stock about her scathing critique of Christophe Büchel’s 2019 Venice Biennale project Barca Nostra. Published that same year by the independent Egyptian online newspaper Mada Masr, Stock’s “The Privileged, Violent Stunt That is the Venice Biennale Boat Project” decries an “artworld that repels all criticism of it,” and describes the repercussion of being one of the first voices to publicly denouncing this high-profile artwork.